Case Study

Loss Control Platform for a Risk Pooling Administrator

By admin

Discover how iLE helped set up a loss control platform for a Risk Pooling Administrator comprising 160 public entities and 900+ major facilities. 


  • High manual effort in report generation
  • No data aggregation or extraction from the system
  • No documentation of loss control or member admin’s loss preventative efforts


  • Set up a loss control platform mirroring the organizational structure of the pool and its members to serve as a collaboration portal between loss control and member admins.
  • Digitized all loss control forms to streamline reporting processes, establish scoring metrics, and auto-generate recommendations.
  • Ingest and display claim data to better allocate LC and member admin’s time and resources.


  • Data aggregation and extraction for individual and global risk trends
  • Customized user profiles to allow individual to distribute resources and data based on need
  • Claim dashboards displaying frequency/severity normalization by coverage tied to pre-defined exposure units to identify


  • 90% reduction in facility inspection window
  • 60% reduction in report writing time
  • Established quantifiable individual and global risk baseline
  • Single collaborative platform for all RMCs and SCs to view data