Case Study

Empowering a Global Brokerage Firm’s Loss Control team

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Understand how iLE empowered a Global Brokerage Firm’s Loss Control team to organically grow their non-profit and risk pooling book of business.


A Loss Control team for a global brokerage firm came to iLearningEngines looking to leverage technology to broaden their reach and to expand their client services to supplement their proprietary resources and training. The intent was to support the organic growth of their non-profit and risk pooling book of business, drive down frequency and severity of losses and associated costs, and create competitive differentiation through deeper client relationships.


  • Narrow scope of safety and loss control services
  • Lack of visibility in service usage
  • Needed to create a single online platform that can house and distribute a wide variety of resources and allows for each insured to further curate to address their specific needs and risks.


  • White label our online digital infrastructure to consolidate services and improve distribution
  • Supplement proprietary resources with our online training catalogue to expand value offerings
  • Real-time data dashboard to view organizational and service usage trends and support brokers with client specific reports – business intelligence reports


  • Created single self-service platform as a marketable cornerstone. From 2021-2022:
    – 3700+ Organizations Served
    – 286,000+ Users
    – 221,000+ Trainings Assigned
  • Business intelligence reports provides to account managers to foster deeper client conversations and relationships
  • Streamlined onboarding of new clients with base level services, and effortless upsell capabilities for clients to further build out their platform.